Have u ever caught yourself wondering
bout some shit
what u should have done
bout it
time waits
for none
time waste
our sun
I'm the guy
who thinks about why he didn't
why he did
what they said
and what it meant
Have u ever thought yourself to sleep
while awake
wonder turned to waste
ways turned to wilderness
I am a thinker
r u?


Can’t…..not me

Let up


Go…somewhere else

a grown ..man

timing is ….everything

your time ….came

taste you…in the rain

I come with you….in the snow

red birds

blue birds

the shit that flies

I’m asking…why

dirty mustache

angry beard

overweight ego

man of Godness


No ifs

I told her sit,

cause we gonna ride


cause we gonna try

no ifs

I found peace

in knowing , I had found the one

had to drop that idea

I was sounding dumb

found God

then I was drowning some

cause our routine was boring

get an hour, then cum

these girls a leave u out to dry

no food, to die

fucking up your life

you not understanding why

no ifs

Go get u a real one

used up,

then left to suffer

already found another

I got GOD


Wish You Were Here

Wish you were here

road trips always put me here
in a place of reflection
thinking of our days
nothing or anyone compares
don't dare

don't give me materials
nothing tangible 
just you
no brand new car
no brand new you
the old you
with scratches and scars

perfectly imperfect
I love it
you assigned me, my role
too soon, you go
you went,
life spent
teaching and teaching

the strength behind my decisions
the courage behind my actions
the man behind my transition into manhood
love you pop, wish you were here

Find you

The soul is yours
your mind, you own
your legacy, you create
Life is a natural disaster
waiting to happen
one day, things crash down
prepare for the tragedy
by finding comfort 
and peace within
your safety
your reservoir
your sanctuary 
is within yourself
comprise your making
of what you love
of what you'd give
of what you'd find peace in
Life's a wave
waiting patiently for you
to ride it nice and high
before the sharks
of hate attempt to eat your peace
and devour your soul
your protection against this evil,
finding you
when you know you,
when you find you
when you love you,
can break you
xcept you
when it seems as though
the world is crashing down
the walls are closing in
the darkness is getting darker,
turn to who you are
never leave yourself abandoned
and subjected to misuse
and soul poisoning
Find you man


My life's a lie
this poem isn't real
nothing is

Wrapped in blankets
of lies
and fairy tales
compounding every detail of my life

This confession isn't truthful
in fact, I'm genuine
I'm real

Never call me fake,
only when I'm writing
That's now
this isn't real

As my fingers punch the keys
of this laptop
and my thoughts shoot
onto this screen
you'll realize 
I'm a fib
lies, are what my words mean

I'm not writing,
someone else is
It's Nate,
but not the Nate you know
this Nate, isn't real
only when he's writing

I guess he's real
living two lives
both consisting of good and bad
happy and sad
misery, he's glad