Yue Minjun-Laughing Painter

Is my absence in church,

a ticket for hatred

what about my love for sex,

dangerous lifestyle,

or search for what’s next?

Question how present I am

in the Church,

but respect my faith in a higher power

Diminish my attendance record,

bow down to my testimony

Learn from my faith

envy my prayer

things only get better,

when you understand….

goodness doesn’t come from the attendance

but your faith, when hope is thin

My soul, cleaner than you think

My Heart, purer than you think

My Faith, stronger than yours



If I Was To Die Today

ArtsKidsAcademy-Hearts and Art Party

If I were to die today
I'd like to be ....
rememebered as,
the man who gave.. 
his last to see
others strive
and live their dream

If my time were up, 
remember me
as the dad
who loved 
all families

If the lord took me
to the gates,
love me for...
my fight against 
all the hate

To make a change
before you die
should be the purpose
you and I

Live a life
that'll make a change
to humanity

Live a life 
that will prove
we are all equal

Live to make a change,
I do..
Before I die

We don’t need the Xtra’s

The invasion of giant ants by Roberto Lacentra
Attention getters
People seekers
conscious beings
so-called "tweakers"
we don't fear  
your continuation,
we fear when you cease

One laugh is wanted,
two is cool
three is pushing it
by four, we're full

Enough is enough
the substance is gone

What about a day of quietness
and pleasantry 
not,look at me
I'm the best
you see?

The xtra's come out
when the moment
is dull
have any of you
ever though that we 
wanted so?

All the way through

Henri Matisse “Empty Face” on charcoal paper

Different faces


different places

the only thing the same

is that

difference makes us

our everyday difficulties

could be stories for days

that plague all our lives

and cuts us like blades

same time,

same days,

same weeks,

our time is equal

our identities see through


because of your difference

we are able to see you



Wouldn't it be amazing,
if we all realized,
we've been in the wrong
with the game were playing
Messy Parrot-Brandon Sharp
I've lived as me
but I lived for them

I discovered today
my happiness
is gone
my desire is burnt
my mind, alone

For the path I believed,
was meant for me
turned out to be
another man's destiny

I use to describe me

my dreams,

Never ending war

Who’s the fairest of them all? by Frank Paton
The continuous fight

against yourself,

is one you'll never win

a war with equal force

equal playing fields


equal destinies

days past,

no progress is made

your internal war persists

as the external one fades


Down south train

As the days get longer

Robin Weiss created this painting titled “Evening Train Trans Canadian Highway”

my hope gets shorter

my desire lessens

as denial borders

those down south train rides,

only remind me of whats gone

and not much of whats ahead

so much good to focus on

so much pain to dwell on

pops is gone

moms funds so low

who knows

where that down south train goes

in the midst of the ride,

I decide to make a change

before I blink though,

I’m back to the same thang

nothing really changes