In a promise for a better future
this world, they love to shoot ya
down for being a believer
let your numbers fly
never be a zero
you become a threat
when you believe
they think you're disposable
but when you believe
you're unstoppable
don't let the belief thief's
and power creeps
strip u for what
you have
because the tenderness
in which u believe
can defeat
any stab
until the days don't end
and the sun won't shine
for then, it's your time
to go
the believer stays
their soul lives on
and their life means more to all
sadness is,
the puppets we see
don't believe and have no gall 
society's belief
is washed away
in the pond they all live in
combined with fear
and doubt also
their belief will never swim
it comes from the heart
and soul
to those who know
belief will always show 

Truth And The Quest

annan thomas old B20090 12

Deep in his mind

the quest has begun

to find the right love

yet rescue no one

Deep in his eyes

lies the desperate truth

that he lies desparetly

with reckless misuse

Deep in his soul

lies a man who wants more

but for him to get such

means a change is in store

The quest for this man

lays still….

chilling under life’s covers

your quest can begin

when you choose to help others

Life opens the doors

even when you’re aloof

Life’s quest begins

when others become your truth