W.H.A.T. H.A.V.E. Y.O.U. F.E.L.T.

Hands by Lene Pienaar
“Hands” by Lene Pienaar
We all go through agony
Have friends who deceive 
a nightmarish life
that don't cease when we leave

Heavens seem like hell
after all you do fails
vending our love for sale
every pain isn't shelled

You experience it eventually
or you've never lived
under the protection of what you constantly did

Feel how life works
even if you play it safe
let your imagination grow
through times where your feelings show


Brentnell Boy


Self portrait 1984 Jean Michel Basqiuat
“Self Portrait 1984” by Jean Michel Basquiat
The Brentnell Boy
whose dreams were bigger than his expectations
comes from a place of limitations
low standards and disappointments
he turned his motives
into motivation
his doubters to supporters

This boy was different
he stood out
and stayed in
while everyone played twins

He always visioned more
He watched his mom fight
and his dad suffer

The picture remains in his head
of the cries from dad's bedroom
and the emptiness in his wallet

Mom's inability to cope with change
proves to be the problem
anger on the inside
both good and bad, which side

The consequences of wanting more
he dealt with daily
his prosperous visions
often got him called crazy

Why envision success
when here you have mediocrity
the seasons are all the same
there is never a lot to see

What attracts those to Brentnell
he'll never know
but what attracts him to success
will forever show

His ambition
his dreams
his willingness to escape Brentnell 
to search for better things

A Poet’s Struggle

The Struggle of Life by Sandip Roychowdhury
From joy to pain
pain to anger
anger to separation
I receive these feelings
at one station
I'm empty
so I stop to fuel up
On the memories of your days on earth
and the life God gave you
so tough
the struggle went deeper
as reality set in,
who to vent to?
call my best friend
I'm still amazed
at all that you did
put everything you had
into raising the kid
I'm running on E
Walking on E
Thinking on E
all that you did,
I couldn't really see
until the day you left
for the high heavens to be
my struggle


Jennifer Walton Water 1
Jennifer Walton’s painting titled “Water 1”

Eyes filled with pain

soul cries of strain

suffering in my heart

with little to remain

the days seem longer

as my happiness shortens

without your mere presence

I live on the short end

how can a life with such direction

feel so lost…

you anchored my dreams

you minimized my struggle

trouble trouble trouble

self destruction and anger linger

my eyes are empty

from the tears I gave away,

for you..

with you..

you know


you are my flow

He Who Chases

True Love by Clayon Singleton
True Love by Clayton Singleton
Appearing unhinged
Lost or stupid
Is the man whose love
is clearly rooted
The man who remains vigilant
with a lack of assertion
is the same one
who remains just her friend
True Love requires fight
on a daily basis
proudly saying....
true love comes 
to He who chases

Love Yourself

barn owl

Tirelessly fighting against the image in the mirror

ignoring the reality that brings upon fear

The unrest grows as the times goes

the truth hurts and your woes grow

You wish for anything else

Just not what you are

so close to the ending

yet still so so far

You find beauty in others

as well as triumphs

in everybody else,

but take a second

get lost in the beauty of YOUR mirror image

and just love yourself

I Wake

I wake in the midst of suffering

my soul aches

and my mind is cluttering

A piece of me is gone

you were my heart,

my strength,

my warrior

I often wonder why it had to happen

I still hear you laughin’

These dark thoughts haunt me,

and the “what ifs” drive me crazy

was this God’s choice to inflict this pain


I miss the days of opening the front door

picking out chicken

running to the store

playing your numbers for you

asking, “Nate anymore?”

your spirit stayed rich,

even on days when we were pour

The silent mornings

and noisy nights

seem to never go away


my rock

why couldn’t you stay

I wake

I Pray

You’ll never go away

What’s Best For Me

growth and evolution
Second guessing myself
Realizing There's More
I Second guess my motives
and who i'm even living for

I've been deceived
tricked to believe
they must have been true
maybe the lie was in me

What's best for me
is isolation
because just the thought of 
social interaction
sends negative vibrations

You and your purpose
can leave
run far...

It's my turn for freedom
It's my turn for painless nights
and joyous lights

It's best that I dream,
dreams of high importance
dreams of changing lives
dreams of happiness

We need separation
I became a dutiful person
for our existence

It was no longer for the excitement
just leave
run far...

You were an inspiration
now you're an interference
I was living through your lense

It's my turn
What's best for me
is that I chose 
to dream

and act upon them
never letting fear paralyze me