Without knowing who u were,

we found each other

your map just started,

my trip, I’ve been on

combination of the two,

experience and love,

breeds excitement and new beginnings

I love how we hug

Just watching you walk away, brings beauty itself

knowing I wish you wouldn’t go,

what u give me, nobody else


what I give you,

is my all

oh I love our kisses

biting each other slowly

as our tongues start clinching

Our lips meet

and I’m lost, no luck isn’t the feeling

I’m blessed with your love

u bring pain, but you’re healing

The sound of your voice

I can’t forget

the tenderness in which I touch you

when I know you’re with..


on the same page



our souls are tangled

they unwind

find time

to move at our angle

at the pace that we choose

take the time that you need

when you’re hungry

for love

your heart, I’ll feed

I sit in this rain

praying for kisses

and hugs

I’m paralyzed


I love making love

It’s something u have

not physical

it’s more

it’s how we make room

and open our own door

we’ll make the way

our journey just begun

I love when u the boss

Our love is still one

u won





Mondays, Tuesdays
Wednesdays, Thursdays
The days I accept

Each day with gratuity
love & respect
Mondays, a time for elect 
purposeful living
love for one another 
love keeps giving

Tuesday , the 2nd
day of the week
lost in her love
love so meek
accepted in fullness

Wednesday, time to embrace
hug her beauty
time for the chase
live for this day
to her, it's his day
middle of the week
the middle is where they meet

Thursday comes running
I'm walking, slowed by her presence
fly in like the sparrow
searching for their reverence
each thursday, gets all of me
not holding back anything

How joyful we get,
when it's friday we meet
time to get in
tight like nervous runs
I'd do anything 4 u
the 4 of us
the 4 we planned for
our future
so glad you came my way
my week with you, 
is complete
it's Friday.

no other way

No matter

how hard

how much

how deeply

I feel

nothing make up,

for a time this real

I did what I could

to impress you

to get security

and sureness,

that I was the one u into

boy was I wrong

singing the wrong song

u a liar

in the wrong one

its your loss,

someone who would never hurt

who loved your every trait

who never worked to,

mold u into something else

I wanted nobody else

your laugh


emotional ways

could leave me


in awe

I mean, stuck 4 days

I wish nothing more

then you stay the same

don’t wanna change your face,

dont wanna change your name

have the audacity ..

to say blatantly

I’m not what u like,

well good luck finding ,

another type

I loved u 4 u

no other way

Love me 4 me

Love Me 4 Me
My feelings, hurt
As I’d never do
What u attempted to
Change me into
Your ideal Man

I love you 4 you
Now I’m in pain
One thing I’d never do,
Ask you to change

Part of the reason why,
You caught my eye
Cause you were the perfect picture
No I wouldn’t try
To change you

Now my feelings hurt
I’m sad in the sand
Start your search
For an ideal man

Use To Be

I ain't got time
to be second
my worth is more
I'm done resting
never put first
always in last place
fighting against what?
I'm done with this damn race
I'm stepping out
I'm doing me
looking for appreciation
I know she want me
I just ignore it
but if I say what I wanna say,
I'm ignorant
I give you everything
I'm still last
I'm stepping out, real fast 
to another chick
u on some otha shit
the distance between us,
I can't cover it
I'm smotherin
not no more, 
I'm stepping out
this other door

she waiting 4 me,
I know she is
I'm done yaw
with this corny shit

Open the door girl, 
for a new thing
I'm ready huh,
here's ya new ring
back to the old days
back to my old ways
can't be this old slave
no way
what do I gotta do
to get u back
late night connections
can u handle that
can u handle that
can u handle that
dabble here and there
I wanna dabble back
it's u girl

you gave me mental stimulation
every single day
we came closer
we kept pushing away
the questions now popping up, 
what could have been
now I'm texting u
as a fucking friend
not gone fucking bend
to the form she wants
u accept me, for me
don't gotta flaunt


In a promise for a better future
this world, they love to shoot ya
down for being a believer
let your numbers fly
never be a zero
you become a threat
when you believe
they think you're disposable
but when you believe
you're unstoppable
don't let the belief thief's
and power creeps
strip u for what
you have
because the tenderness
in which u believe
can defeat
any stab
until the days don't end
and the sun won't shine
for then, it's your time
to go
the believer stays
their soul lives on
and their life means more to all
sadness is,
the puppets we see
don't believe and have no gall 
society's belief
is washed away
in the pond they all live in
combined with fear
and doubt also
their belief will never swim
it comes from the heart
and soul
to those who know
belief will always show 

You called my name today

Jay Noller “Baker Creek Gley Soil”

I heard a voice today
as I stood by the wall
could be my heart than I'm fearing
I'm beginning to crawl
into the unknown tunnel
where your voice leads me
don't leave me
You called my name today
through a different vessel
through a different chamber
where the birds won't name you
You screamed my name
as if, to call for help
like u needed me
like u see me in yourself
this time was different
unlike the others
I feared for the moment
but not for the others
for me, for the time may come 
where we meet again
and I can't handle my friend
the birds, like you
spew beauty everyday
thank you dad
you called my name today

Jay Noller “Baker Creek Gley Soil”

Backwards Huh


so, here I am

in a position of frustration

here I am

stuck in this

When it first started,

I was all in

kids and a house

now I’m not ready

there’s doubt


I was submerged

in this ocean

of ideas

now, it’s just an idea

an afterthought


I’m easily annoyed

turned off by the little things

my little queen

Can’t get between

no more


I was husband


and friend


I’m Me

this guy



do we still have definition?

or are we meaningless

didn’t mean this

Before, I prayed

for more

now I desire less

It’s not personal,

I’m just backwards huh?