Traffic By Thaddeus Chapman

It's riveting right
somewhat compelling
she has a quiet soul
then why all the yelling
stop with the craziness
get a grip
control yourself
what is this shit
who are you?
why are you?
where are you?
this is out of nowhere
I just can't see you
it's not that I can't,
more than I won't
I'd love to say I love you
I just don't
see this person you've become
needs nothing to do with me,
it's not if I see you 
it's who I see


Morning Bliss

Misty Morning by Douglas Beatenhead
Misty Morning by Douglas Beatenhead
What tomorrow holds is a question
you're always guessing
but each morning is another chance
to claim your blessing
reaping the benefits
of a positive life
and morning bliss
Joyous thoughts
and beautiful ideas
from beautiful people
love the morning bliss
birds echoing one another,
with harmony to hear
awaken with a sense of appreciation
and the morning bliss will be more clear

What’s wrong papa

Magic At Sunset Painting
Purple Cadillac
laid up in the driveway
your bodies in pain
and you knew that my mind ache
I walked into a house of thick airĀ 
thin smoke screens
weed rolled
and slick hair
yes I'm good pop
everything is alright
Nate did you get taller?
No, i'm just tall right
Why don't you ride over to Hudson
get one for both of us
a man you sure everything's alright?
Nate , just speak up
How your pockets looking?
I'm okay for right now
well i'm throwin' 300 at you
when I get that 20 from Cal
What's on your mind?
nothing , i'm good
but what bothered me most
was the pain you withstood
I questioned God
why did it have to be you?
to be stricken with diseases
you had more than a few
some days I can't walk
some days I can't talk
but I love everyday
for your life, yes I pray
Love you forever Walt

That Force

Sadness by David Junod
Sadness by David Junod
It's indestructible
this force that exist
for it comes swiftly
and holds a tight grip
abnormal in function
and complex in design
suffocating your thoughts
and poisoning the mind
It'll creep real slow
and leave no trail
you won't even notice
that your soon in it's tail
see this force has no name
it just comes and it goes
frightening isn't it?
but nobody knows


Girl_on_a_swing_Juian Rowe
Girl on a swing by Julian Rowe

It’s weird..

I glorify you

you dishonor me

your image is here

for the world to see

I want to share you

show you

in confidence

don’t you understand

i’ve longed for this

my night

was miserable… due to you

the dream I spilled

left me blue

how can one so beautiful

be so evil

i’m hooked on you

despite what other people


I woke from the pain

you leave

your image, I see


She knows who she is




Speed Painting 2 -Green by Hungry Hippos
Speed Painting 2 by Hungry Hippos

Green knows there’s more

this can’t just be it

his life is painful

but he’s painless

Green knows he underachieved

time to start fresh

leave the loud walls

and give life his best

Green knows he’s gifted

God knows he’s talented

but his blinded ways

won’t go where his talent is

Today’s the day

where his potential takes off

so once he awakens,

Green stands tall

Green has a choice now

to leave and be

or stay and sulk

in the mirror at he

disappointment rains upon him

confusion soon follows

his mind is now sporadic

and he displays sorrow

but no he says


I must make a change

but if he doesn’t act quickly

things will just be the same

as he gathers his belongings

and puts on his nice things,

takes a look in the mirror

and realizes,

he’s just green

exquisitely normal he is……