The listener grew

out of no expectancy

the talker demanded

we know her legacy

blinded by her threats

that’s all we ought to see

the listener, listened

with best ability

the loud mouth loves

to limit when their close

the quiet listener

gracefully knows the most



Three Trees In Spring
Three Trees In Spring

Woke up

from a fake sleep

uncovered my eyes

gave myself life

air from nature

moisturizing my mind

irreplaceable like time

damn this kind

birds speaking joy

into me

trees growing

happiness evolving

use to think


was a game

now it’s a safe haven

nothing better than hearing

lyrics nature has put together

Like an unknown face

we meet

when I wake

I’m gripped by your friendliness

nature doesn’t give me less


AlWayz FelT DiFferEnT

Easiest thing in this life to do,
is look in the mirror, and let u lie
to you
deep down you know
u feeling great
the outside won't let
those thoughts escape
Limited yourself for familiarity 
the truth behind you
is who you dare to be
scared of me
now I'm scared of you
alwayz felt different
what the hell to do....
so much conformity,
shit makes me sick
hope I change
hope is weak
alwayz felt different 
nobody feels the same?

No ifs

I told her sit,

cause we gonna ride


cause we gonna try

no ifs

I found peace

in knowing , I had found the one

had to drop that idea

I was sounding dumb

found God

then I was drowning some

cause our routine was boring

get an hour, then cum

these girls a leave u out to dry

no food, to die

fucking up your life

you not understanding why

no ifs

Go get u a real one

used up,

then left to suffer

already found another

I got GOD


The First Step

Dropped my course load

to take courses in life

cause the shit they teaching us,

might ruin my might

Making the decisions

that folks wish they could make

all it takes is God’s will

and I’m willingly safe

Within the classroom

they could catch you

trap you

grab ya mind

and throw it back at you

but,  the courses on life

never been so worth it

listen to them prayers

you and both God heard it

Best Thing to Happen

I did what most

are afraid to do

packed my shit up

and left the school


To pursue

something greater

cause I was bored

knew that prayer kept me going

it was more in stored


Came home to chaos

but I ain’t done yet

all I needs my girl

our dreams

and sunset


Dropped out

felt a sense of courage

to do what’s important

cause that just wasn’t it


People frowning on me

oh so confused

cause I’m the man

who ain’t afraid to break the rules


Going against the grain

to make a major change

all I needs my girl

our dreams

our brains


Left that shit

may drop back in

my girl the best thing to happen

and we not stoppin


Niggas think I’m crazy

I’m courageous

big difference

I’m here to fulfill my soul

not drown in it


All I need is my girl

our dreams

and peace of mind

we not giving up

we gone keep tryin


Best thing to happen

The Both Of Ya’ll

Times when she felt like shit
Times when she felt like shit
they left her lonely and dry
damn what some selfish shit

Times when he felt like shit
Times when he felt like shit
his girl leaves his ass
damn why he feel like this

Gave her everything, the world
planned on being his girl
eliminated all distractions
so they don't need subtractions

She did what she could
planned for the future
what he didn't know
she was just gonna use ya

You was temporary
never meant to marry
gave her everything
gave her everything

What she didn't know
this man is special
focused on his dream
but she wouldn't let ya
hold on to both,
he had two dreams
one of living out his passions
and giving her that special ring

Hurt so bad
Hurt so bad
while his heart his melting
she's sitting up glad

shit, is what she means
she gave him half of things
can't blame her though
she was someone else's hoe
not knowing that
he already knew
the things that she do
when that door between u

Little did she know
he was scheming too
had a couple lovers
she was lover number two
all he asked for
was loyalty and truth
all she asked for
was confusion
and a noose

to hang his confidence
to put it in the ground
little did she know
he worships her ground
She's a queen
in his kingdom
she's a queen