Prosper Please

white flowers by spirosart
White Flowers by Spirosart

I beg with substantial intentions,

that you somehow realize

you already have great potential,

can’t you see with your own eyes?

It’s as clear as day,

that you have what it takes

to inspire others, as you’ve done me,

and make the world a better place

You’ve bloomed over time

with many petals of maturity,

 continue to nourish your mind and soul,

and ready yourself for the world to see

your spiritual construct is unrivaled

your talents, unique

now please let the world see,

and stop living in mystique

                                                 The time is here

                             don’t wait any longer,

         the world is now taking a back seat

as you step up and prosper



Painting Detail of the sad guy by Magzdilla
Painting Detail of the sad guy by Magzdilla
He's Misread

Everything isn't what it seems

He's filled with Thoughts of insecurities,

Followed by sorrowful dreams

He's looked at as an idol

With respect and admiration from many,

But even when it seems he lacks uncertainty

Just know he has many

The confident appearance is just a facade

because deep down inside,

he feels he's been robbed

Nobody is perfect

even those who appear to be so,

Just look at him closer

and immediately you'll know

He's not happy, just content

the disappointment in his soul

is a reminder of how things went

it's not what it seems

Elusive Thinking

Sharon S. Field created this painting and titled it “Full Bloom”.

The mind can’t be caught up to

It’s difficult to get your hands on

but allowing cynical thoughts to impede the mind

shall keep you a pawn

The game of life is one you can win

you need elusivity within the mind

to dodge those things you don’t want in

They’ll come from every direction

all sizes and shapes as well

only to prevent your evolution

and force you into a shell

be quick and wifty

when the swarming begins

because in the end,

only those with elusive thinking


She’s Remarkable

Femal Nude by Daniel Pannozzo
Female Nude by Daniel Pannozzo

She’s Remarkable,

Oh isn’t she

the fear of embarrassment,

keeps her away from me

exuberance steers the wheel behind her beauty

what does this girl do to me?

My love calls and surely she never picks up

the fear of embarrassment,

just won’t let me get up

her unprecedented presence

is lovely to see

the fear of embarrassment,

keeps her distanced from me

Does she prefer lonely?

or is it me?

do I prefer lonely?

Maybe me and her will see

Let her loveliness show


Smokey Mountain Wildflower by Jeff Pittman
With desire and bravery
man can do what he thinks
but it starts with one's heart
and ends with a leap
leap to great heights,
with courage steering the way
take the back seat
and enjoy the great day
hardships and tribulations 
will be in your way
but just know they're temporary 
and aren't here to stay,
greatness is in you
just waiting to rise
but the only way to release it
is if you leap to the other side
take bounds towards the future
with excitement and glee
nothing can resist the will of 
of a man who isn't afraid to take leaps