Sailors Delight

As Friday concludes

take the opportunity to enjoy every last second

embrace the good things around

and reflect on all the weeks blessings

think about those who willingly gave you a hand,

or maybe it was a compliment

whatever it was, it didn’t require a demand

Just understand,

life can be rough, but it’s always a great trial

when kindness comes your way, and

you’re not in denial

The weekdays conclusion is near

and it’s a beautiful thing,

when others go out of their way

to have a positive impact on

your all of your days

no things won’t always go as expected

they won’t always be my way

but one things for sure,

you’ll feel better on Friday




Sunset by Bonnie Joy Bardos
Sunset by Bonnie Joy Bardos

When Thursday comes,

you officially know the week is coming to an end

all the good is now being reflected on

Thursday is the equivalent of a trusted friend

one you can confide in

one your are comfortable with,

and let your dreams and hope reside in

Thursday always has your back

and loves to listen

with ears as big as life itself

just hearing you reminiscin’

those ideas you have that you just can’t contain

should be spilled out every Thursday

listen to the feedback you get

then soak in the substance

for you will be better even on your worse day

Thursday is a gift, delivered by life

and everyone can have it

it’s a present received every week,

so why not take it out it’s package?

Make every Thursday an exceptional one





Gazebo Of Prayer- Thomas Kinkade
Gazebo Of Prayer by Thomas Kinkade

What is a Wednesday?

Well, it is the bridge that supports the week

it’s a confirmation that it is the middle of the week

So if your first two days didn’t go quite as expected

don’t fret over it, just forget it

Life is good and so is Wednesday,

so please don’t neglect it

Your chance is now to release your worries

because you’re almost halfway through

every week is special

especially when Wednesday is waiting for you

Hump day as they call it

so keep this day alive

Wednesday is an energy booster

that gives you extra drive

ain’t it good to be alive

Thank you Wednesday





Strength And Serenity by Becky Joy
Becky Joy created this oil painting and titled it, “Strength And Serenity”.

Tuesday Follows Monday

with pride and confidence

never wondering why it’s second,

but understanding it just makes sense

Tuesday gives you reassurance

that your kind acts won’t go unnoticed

but if you failed to improve someone else’s life the day before,

then Tuesday is there for you to show it

plant the seed of giving back

within the minds of all you see

the greatest gift about giving love,

is that it’s going to come back to me

Tuesday is the backbone for Monday

giving it strength and backup whenever needed

this strength and backup will sprout unto the world,

because the days have gardens where love is seeded




smile of the sunrise marie green
Smile Of The Sunrise by Marie Green

Mondays are the start of something new

a new beginning if you will,

start the week off with excitement

and shortly after, comes the thrill

the joy of bettering yourself

and the lives of others,

to this day, you can’t compare another

Monday is the captain of the ship

that sets the tone for the rest of the week

jubilation should fill this day

and exuberance is what you’ll reap

The wake on a Monday should bring eagerness

and excitement for you dreams

so look forward to every Monday,

and be on the lookout for the peace it brings

The Wrong Way

Black Women by Seage
Seage, an artist from Toronto, Canada, has created this painting as a part of his “Black Women” series.
Just looking at you paralyzes me
Your eyes are enchanting, draw
me in with your smile
and I begin to love what I see
I stand up, but my words sit down
I want to get to know you
but i'm afraid you'll turn me down
The way you look at me
suggest you feel the same
but what if you think the opposite
and just want to keep me plain
Your beauty is undeniably obvious
but my feelings may not be so
your glow has my full attention
and I just don't want to let go
Can we be one?
or is that too much to ask
I walk slowly just to see you
then my words quickly dash
I can surrender to you
show you my weaknesses and strengths
explain my faults and misdoings 
and for you, i'll repent
The crowds you're around
make me wonder and I start to doubt
if you ever had me paralyzed
and if my minds taking me down the wrong route


What if the world was a place
for all to be free
a place of happiness and
unity we all could see
What if the world invited all
ideas openly with curiosity
we leave in a world where
difference is criticized
non-conformity is rejected
I promise you, everybody being
different shouldn't be neglected
Live with an open heart
and why not open your arms too
don't try to be like the next man
just be you
Individuality and uniqueness
is what comprises the world
so accept others and their views
to improve the world
What if the world could be like this...

The Power Behind A Thought

Thoughts become reality
and ideas become visions
just blueprint the life you've always wanted
and with desire it shall take fruition

Thoughts become reality
this cannot be denied
mediocrity doesn't stem from lack of thoughts
but the content that lies inside

Thoughts become reality
so with bad, can only come bad
but delivering the mind positive thoughts
will bring forth the life you've never had

Thoughts become reality 
so look at the mind as a mental gardening plot
plant seeds of love and kindness
and love and kindness is what you've got

Thoughts become reality
and is the strongest force man possess
so I dare you to continue dreaming 
and your thoughts will guide you to success


The Castle Of 4 Seasons by Leonid Afremov
The Castle Of 4 Seasons by Leonid Afremov
Growth is not nightmarish 
but many make it out to be
Progression is rewarding
why is that so hard to see?
don't resist change
trying your hardest to deny it
starting fresh is like a new awakening
so why not invite it?
be open in all you do
joyous when everything seems unpleasant
what's in the past 
is in the past, so don't dare let it grow
Growth stems from transition
just let the past go

Discover Why

Blossoming Almond Branches Van Gogh
Blossoming Cherry Almonds by Vincent Van Gogh
Everyone was born great with talents to show
the problem lies not in the potential
but in the will to unveil so 
discovering your why will bring joy and much peace
realizing you have gifts to foolhardy unleash
the discovery will be simple
not loud or outlandish
the discovery will be sudden without any planning
be ready and eager as the time will come
that you discover your why 
to share with everyone
life takes on a whole new meaning
happiness; you no longer have to fake it
your why is so delightful it organically creates it
be patient
if you haven't found your why don't think something's wrong
because the greatest discovery in life
is discovering your why was there all along