Solitary Boat on the sea by Horacio Cardozo
Solitary Boat On The Sea by Horacio Cardozo

You’re in grave danger

escape now,

don’t let the pain get you

escape now,

Suffering is coming

grief as well,

the coffins been placed

now where is the nail

I wonder about the hows and whys,

why can’t you see  it,

How don’t you feel it

That wall you keep up,

conceals your feelings

escape now,

don’t be trapped in

escape now,

redemption’s happening

you caused this,

now own up to your wrongdoing

you bring confusion

but i’m long pursuing

The walls are closing in,

oxygen decreasing

the air is thick,

you stay fleeting


break through,

we’re confined

but don’t escape mine

the mind is like a mine




Lies From You

Moon ll by Anna Wojtczak
Anna Wojtczak created this painting and titled it, “Moon ll”.
I can taste your deception

I can feel your lies,

My Dreams are blinding,

cover my eyes

Your love is a never ending staircase

Which way should I go?

the closer I get

The farther I go

Your words are thin,


and easily broken

why were you the one chosen?

Your love is a never ending staircase

Each step a struggle

I can feel you near,

and see you in the distance

your words are heavy

I need resistance

Why tell me one thing?

and mean another?

I'm not the only one,

there must be another


idlewild album
Idlewild Album Artwork

We Can

We Did

We Were,

From The Start,

I knew You Were Her

My efforts

Concerns And Affection

Go To Waste

It’s not enough,

To Rarely See Your Face

I Feel Incomplete


And Torn

I’m Scorn

I Give You More

Than I Receive,

I’m Exhausted,

Can I breathe?

It’s Not Space I Want,

It’s You

But The Choices I Have

Are Few,

I Need You,

I Want You,

I Pray For Us

Would You Give Him Up For Me?

Or Resist The Pain,

Choose Us

Live For The Change

The Change Is Us

Try And Grasp

Let The Old Go,

Separate From The Past


Thank You

Beach sky painting by Carol Keene
Beach Sky painting by Carol Keene
You are forever remembered

a piece of me is gone

what more could I have done?

please, tell me was I wrong?

You were my inspiration, 

my motivation and my thrust

you never let me stop 

you didn't believe in giving up

You are forever remembered 

dad, I respect the man you were

Standing up for all those hims,

and constantly loving her

You were the man I hope to be,

your strength, yes I admire

you fought all the way through,

even though you remained tired

You were a blessing to me,

my relatives as well,

each member just a piece

and you, you were the gel

You kept us all together,

and brought us closer with your love

Rest peacefully Big Walt,

until we meet again, above

Life Maze

The dance of good and evil by Curtis Verdun
The dance of good and evil by Curtis Verdun

The constant battle,

between darkness

and light,

left and right thoughts

burn my desire to fight

Then I think about the joy

and beauty life brings

then follows dreams of enterprise,

and hopes of nice things

hope doesn’t bring


has hope brought the fighters

any rings?

any stamps of success?

or just pain and distress?

ran away from evil

I can’t escape what I just left

Evil is everywhere

accept it or not,

but so are good things

whether we like it,

or not

Run with great purpose

from the evil within,

but why everytime we look up,

evil’s back at it  again

Evil isn’t elusive

or sneaky, no way

just get fed up and yell,

evil go away

Pray for love

and happy beginnings,

it seems all my happiness

is now ending

How can we win this game