My Butterfly-She Changes

Sad was the day

when she shied away

unknowingly from him,

words he can’t say

is how he felt

Just when his confidence

was peaking

things changed,

and would never be the same

Desperate for that somebody

his thirst was in the air

once so good,

now so ordinary,

She doesn’t even care

His emotions now wonder

from room to room

looking for answers,

why she leaves so soon

why the distance exists

when it’s inches they sit,

he just doesn’t understand

He attempts to shake

the misery

and diminish his sadness

as he fakes smiles

and portrays he’s glad, shit

Stop the front

she keeps up her wall

some of him is hurt,

soon to be all

Maybe he’s too demanding

and that’s her reasoning

for falling back

into the arms of her own comfort

Is it his aggressive nature?

or complaints that drive you away,

he loves you

your his

he only wants you to stay

he gives his all,

you give half

and expect him to accept that shit

change your ways

be natural

he may check you off his list

My Butterfly

she changes

from cold to hot, so quick

the evolution, is beautiful

but the change makes me sick

her wings,

they match the color of each day

but the soon become,

the ideas of yesterday

never consistent

change back

“Butterfly Art” by My Honeys Place


The Power Of You

Find beauty in the day,

in each waking hour

for you’ll surely discover

your undying power


the naysayers

and critics, just

waiting for your demise

just look on their face

when they see your surprise….

your undying power


Waiting at each corner,

with stones of hate

and bricks of envy

worrying about your power,

when they themselves

have plenty


They love you when your down

and hate you when your up,

bitterness fills their soul

and they drink every cup


The good in knowing this,

comes from the simple truth,

that you’re so powerful

they have no choice but to worry about you


You’re looked at as a threat

a total difference maker,

so, plan accordingly

and shake off all the haters


I pray these words fill your mind

and your soul comes behind too,

the power you have, says do

what you put your mind too


Believe in your heart,

that it is truly possible

and watch how easily

you knock down obstacles


Stay focused on your goals,

let others  hate each hour

they’ll never be able to take away

your undying power


Twin Doors by Mary Ellen Mueller

Me vs You vs Them


Ever felt trapped?
like you couldn't breath
surrounded by trees
and oxygen tanks

It's not me

Ever been lied to?
by the honest goddess
who claims integrity
over convenience

It's not me

Ever lost your ambition?
for life
when goals are all
you set

It's not me

Conformity 3 by
Ever found hope?
in the darkness
where no light 

It's not me

Ever created something so special?
out of nothing
from a place where
ordinary is the norm

It's not me

Ever wanted to be yourself?
in a world where conformity
resides on every street
you look

It's not me

Ever felt descriptive?
in a Universe that frowns upon
bright colors
and creatives

It's you

SNOW wHiTe OppOrtunities

Thomas Adams “Feline Good”
Snow white as my skin,
on a Tuesday morning
The wind, thicker than
Ever wondered why, you
are who you are?
I fantasize about the other side
the other guys
their who's, what and why's
I opened my door this morning,
and to my amazement, I was scattered
all over the street
on top of cars
and trees
it's me, white 

Fuck this daydream..
I'm me, I'm proud to be
african american with tattoos
long as my ambition
Scatter melanin on everything I see
then it'll be me
I ain't white, I'm right..

I felt smaller than an ant tho,
during my trip through the city
fuck your pity

harsh reality
cold truths
it ain't equal me, equal you
it's limit him, bless you
opportunities I pray for
are one's you walk into
like intimacy waiting for you

Dancing With The Mirror


u think the fear

isn’t real

well guess what now

I’m telling you im scared, it’s behind my smile

Every morning that I wake

and see what God has made

I get more and more upset

because I feel like a mistake

Fish in pond by chinnatara

I see somebody else,

when I stare into the mirror

my feelings , far away

and my emptyness, so near

it’s clear, that I’ve ruined

all my blessings

I’ve been a quitter,

what’s next…

I constant keep the people guessing

dancing with myself,

cause I don’t need nobody else

I look into the mirror

and somebody else

I move left,

he moves right

the motions, nothing fancy

as it appears from the outside,

I’m just dancing..

dancing with my feelings

disregarding all the truth

why have feelings,

when they don’t get no use

I thought I loved my self,

but the mirror

proves something else

I hate me,

I’m sure it’s real

pretending to be happy

exhibiting joy

you ain’t no man

little boy,

open your eyes

subject yourself to the real



find your feel

Tears In The Rain

Tree Along The Trail by Frits Ahlefeldt

I flushed my feelings down the drain
When I got that news
that day, oh that day
the color stays blue
I haven't cried since
things still seem hollow
when it rains outside
I don't think about tomorrow
I've fallen in love
with the rain,
and her gentle touch
she gives me peace
and I'm able to live with such
the rain reminds me of why,
the tears never fly
down my face, in a race
due to the loss of this guy
call me cold, call me cruel
but I'll always be the same
rain rain rain
my tears are the rain

The Right Guy

Clown is a painting by Leonid Afremov

Fighting the pressure,

that comes along with,,,

being the best

constantly asking

yourself, what’s next?

You’ve given so much,

just to get approval

you’ve been the wrong way twice,

you don’t want that, do you?

mixing what the others say

with a little

of what you want,

desperate for an answer

it’s the future that haunts

every decision you make,

you hear the ridicule

I guess I’m not that respected

the words I hear, so cruel

the weight of a feather

from an unimportant bird,

lies the strength within me,

compared to the

judgment to be heard

Nobody knows the true me

all they see are wax figures

composed by the hands of life artist

who want to make me sound bigger

By now you can see, that you is me

the person struggling with his


and identity

making the right decisions

makes the wrong guy

making the wrong decisions

takes me the wrong way

you ask……..

but why?

they’re the decisions they want,


to make me the right guy



Tawny Owl

God Blessed us with decisions,

we have many everyday,

two decide our way

will you be joyous?

or frown about your day?

floating through life’s shitty creek

or guessing the blessings

which will you choose?

surely, you’ll learn a lesson

you can second guess your will,

and fall victim to mediocrity

you can choose anger

and bitterness


and pessimism

or accept the day

as a blessing

Awaken each morning,

with a sense of appreciation,


and grace