Enjoy the suppression

Connections by Lesley-Oldaker
No hope
Try to leave and be scorned
no purpose leads to nothing
your difference is looked at as a weakness
no dreams leads to vanishment
you're just a thought, a mere idea
you stay adrift at the sea of life
coasting through unwittingly
No hope
you've become the cause and
the effect
enjoy being the topic of discussion now
soon you'll be forgotten
There is no hope for you


She knows who she is…..

Empty Nest by Sean Taber
I never understood her
her actions brought me confusion and attraction at the same time
this was the first time I felt like I was losing control
My mind was captivated 
but I knew deep down inside we wouldn't work
I never understood why
other guys thought she was average 
to me she was beautiful in every way 
even the things she hated
I loved
I never understood her inconsistent feelings towards me
the inconsistency she displayed left me confused
I too became inconsistent
my self confidence couldn't stop fluctuating
I never understood her 
I've begged and begged but she just won't budge
is it me? 
her voice melodic like a symphony
I still believe we were meant to be
I never understood what the issue was
her smile so simple and laughter came gently
I never understood her
she left me so empty
who is she?

I Fight Within

I fight within because it’s quiet

no one can hear so some may deny it

I fight within because it’s quiet

Maybe they do hear but they just won’t buy it

I fight within because it’s quiet

I challenge you to shut up and just try it

The outside world can’t contain my thoughts

so i just keep them inside

maybe it’s my fear or maybe my pride

some people give their thoughts away as a gift

doing so just brings attention like a riot

but if you insist go ahead and just tie it

but my fight is within so it’s quiet