I lost my life
when I found my soul
lying desperately 
in the puddle of my disbelief
I lost my soul
when I found my life
lying confidently
in a pool of hatred
the shady nights
of this shady town
torment my mere existence
life with me
or without my plea
wouldn't make any difference
Realization hits, an epiphany
those who love
can't distance me
can't live without me
I am important
I am meaningful
I do have definition
I guess I was looking
4 recognition
but aren't we all?
I was confused,
thinking my life
meant shit
when . In reality
I am the shit
Reality hits
you no further 
than everybody else
hanging up your dreams
on social media's shelves
staring at the vision
of having more
sick and tired
of living so poor
I want more


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