it almost feels surreal

but oh so normal

losing you, made things

great and terrible

contradiction, right?

but who cares

I’d contradict myself all day,

just to give more stares

into your eyez…..into your heart

pops. always my start



Have You

Have you ever felt torn?
not in pieces, but in half

Have you ever lived the day happy?
but felt lonely the moment u returned home

Have you ever missed someone so much?
that its painful thinking about them

Have you ever found peace?
in living a lie

me too

Some say

some say I’m distant

some say it’s for attention

I say , I’m ┬ámissing

Wrote this in my head

spit it out with Shame

mixed with courage

couriousity and pain

for you dad, I need it stamped

some would say, in damned