Tomorrow’s Surprise

Poppy-Happiness by Marcia Baldwin
Poppy Happiness by Marcia Baldwin
Tomorrow is a new day

Yesterday is in the past

Reach forth with excitement

and eagerness to grasp, 

Take ahold of the future

know that it is in your control

the unknown awaits

but the unknown you should know

the truth is in tomorrow

as is happiness

and growth

tomorrow is a new day

go ahead and join the show

Look forward,

not backward

and strive to rise

reach upward,

not downward,

and embrace the surprise


Find Me

Avenue in the Voyer d’Argenson Park at Asnieres by Vincent Van Gogh

Dark Mornings,

Bright Nights,

Even more mournings,

and tall heights

have I found my plight?

I can’t escape these thoughts

the chase continues

but my mind is caught,

I need serenity


and acceptance,

I resist most

but serenity, i’ll let in

I need to be better

better than the me of yesterday,

i’m drowning in my sorrow

but tomorrow still follows




I lack

the old me

who thought so highly

needs to come back

I can’t quit

but I can’t keep going either

I’m paralyzed

Some people want attention,

some want the spotlight to run for

I just want peace,

and comfort to come forth

Just Ask

Marina Petro Cosmic Inferno Abstract Night Sky
Marina Petro created this painting titled ” Cosmic Inferno-Abstract Night Sky”

The secret lies within your desire

Your desire to grasp,

Your desire to have,

Your desire to ask,

Man has not come to realize

that through intent,

will, and prayer,

he can bring his desires to real life

This closed book you have

can be opened,

just let your desires swim the sea of life

and watch the current pull those in

Let the Universe know,

Your dreams,

Your Ideas,

Your Desires,

You need these things to grow

It’s perplexing how man

thinks it’s impossible to have,

the Universe is very patiently waiting,

So just ask




Sunset by Kimberly Conrad
Sunset by Kimberly Conrad

Negative Spirits rise in demand

Don’t let it take you over,

Stay strong and withstand

Don’t get caught up in complaints

Murmuring with your clan

Think about all your blessings

And your freedom to plan

Remember this,

Before your ungrateful and damned

Many people can’t even do what you can

Not that they lack the ability

Or capacity to do so,

But their rights are restricted

and their freedom has yet to grow

materialistic or not,

your possessions are blessings

your family, everlasting

their love deep rooted

and your blessings, never passing

Appreciate life

Burning Room


Flames of Passion Mark Henson
Flames of Passion by Mark Henson

He wishes she’d understand

His prayer always includes her,

He wants the past again

He misses the way things were,

His room only brings about memories

of both pain and spite,

Let’s start over

he’s attracted to her fight

His walls keep him mentally trapped,

his thoughts get progressively worse

Why is it that their not even together,

and just thinking of her hurts

This room won’t let him free,

It’s tough to escape

Just let him show you,

what he could make

His burning desire won’t end

He’ll never give up,

She’s the walls he’s trapped in

yes,  his mind’s stuck


Never Enough

Plenty of Emptiness by Horacio Cardozo
Plenty of Emptiness by Horacio Cardozo

He shakes off his issues,

He escapes from the muck,

Treating it as if he’s desperate,

But he isn’t running from much

He could be the problem,

Never feeling good enough

Confident lies

Make him appear as tough

He Learns from these mistakes,

He’ll be more cautious

Personal disappointment

Keeps him nauseous,

Why did you do this to yourself?

Make the hate stop

Harm can’t be that dangerous,

He says from the top


Buried Alive

Melancholy Woman by Picasso
Melancholy Woman by Picasso
Feelings of resentment toward myself,

Hating what I see

Thoughts of disappointment

anger me


is my desire for change

nothing about me is good enough

Lord, release this pain

It’s too much to bare

unwavering sadness

I’m unhappy with myself

why have this?

Should I continue with my flaws…

Or just give up

explain how I feel,

that’ll be just too much


emotionless days


hopeless ways

The weight of my mirror image,

weighs on me daily

underground is where my potential lies

I can’t stay me


Linda Richter Take Flight
Linda Richter created this painting and titled it “Take Flight”

It’s not about the clothes you wear

or the shoes that lie on your feet,

but the love that you spread

and kindness underneath

Who cares about a brand,

wearing it just to impress another

focus that energy on the less fortunate,

and give that same brand to others

Don’t let the clothes you wear make you

wear clothes and make them,

Be thankful for the simple things

Cause many have nothing to dress in

What really matters?

Your contribution to others,

or contribution to yourself?

Ask yourself this

Then quickly begin to help

Forget about materialistic items,

they aren’t more important than people

some sadly think so,

but no they’re not equal

Choose to change,

Live the change,

Be the change,