Jean Michel Basquiat , Self Portrait 1983-1984


what a world we reside in,

she opens the door,

and you slide in

Like a snake,

blinded by money

you yearn for its taste

the feeling of getting over,

knowing she’s unaware

this is the life you create?

You say you want more

but the proofs there,

deny deny deny

you never cared

You’re a snake


It’s Okay To Make Mistakes

Daniel Chiriac painting -figures and fear
I wonder why
they won't try
and soon the answer
reveals itself

the fear of shame,
themselves to blame
and embarassment
they don't want dealt

Human nature
says its okay to mess up
yet human beings avoid the feeling,
confused I get,
as they don't take risks
what are they concealing?

Searching for perfection
will be an endless journey

You'll fail eventually,
but playing it safe
won't ever reveal
what's truly meant to be

It's okay to fall,
to lose and fail
we all have done it twice

Life goes on
stray strong,
everything will be alright

Nobody's perfection
that's what makes us all great
the beauty found in each of us
can be found in our mistakes

The Day A MAN Was Born

Walter Jameson …9/19 is your day
On this 19th day
on the 9th month,
a MAN was born
who would prove to be tough
though his life
showed signs of 
trial and error,
he'd soon find peace
in his family and sharing
Dorothy we thank you,
for birthing this man
who fought for his health
and fought when he can
you carried this man,
until God said release him
let him take the world by storm
and find faults, then release them
What he did was much more, 
than just live a life
gave love unconditionally,
as he endured great strife
If I were to pass on,
into the afterlife,
on the day you were born
that would make me you, right?
A piece of you lives
inside of my hand,
as plain as can be,
you did what you can
you were a MAN,
I miss those little things
beef roast and pork chops
5th ave, wing dings
on this 19th day,
I can still feel you 
I see you in the stand
On this 19th day,
Grandma, you birthed a MAN


New York Original Painting Watercolor abstract fog by fairysomnia
The Inside is Good
On the outside, she's flawed
the system, corrupt 
ain't equal at all
All we want is sunshine results
yet we get stormy treatments
the innocent gone,
all for no reason
The outside seems good,
on the inside she's flawed
weakened from torment
withstood by those laws
Built on laws
glued with lies
intagibles, slim
blind in the world's eyes

Quincy J

Millian Glenn painted this and titled it "Child of promise -black and white pregnant woman"
Child of promise black and white pregnant woman by Millian Glenn
For your protection
from deamons who's point
is to chase away your dreams
and sell you on joints,
I'd gladly take one
maybe two
for your soul
it hurts that your grandad
is one you won't know
His premature death
left premature stress
but motivation and inspiration
to give you the best

all I do is for you 

Your Pen

PETRU LEAHU painting “Book and Time”

New Beginings ,

Future Blessings,

Unknown Roads,

It's early
only time will tell....
destiny awaits
as bliss prevails

The story remains unwritten
you hold the pen
I'm in ...
you tell me when..

My patience grows
as your interest shows
no rush
step by step
we'll grow

It's a different kind of start 
be optimistic
chance is here...
don't miss it..

The pages for our book
needs an author,
one who can craft a beautiful story
like no other..

The pen is yours..
the book is ours...


Alive but not living

Who are you
I'm lost for words
you're back and forth
like you're taking turns

Figure you out 
before anything else
you're rich in ambition
but poor in wealth

wealth of mind
thoughts of gold
you're alive
but you fit someone else's mold

what a way to live
confident while being a fake
your every decision
comes from the choice he makes

You put on good
so hard you try
You could put on better,
if you found your why

The secret to life isn't being the next guy
Your haven't found your why
so, why try?
Develop your own life
then you'll truly be alive

Life’s Taste

Russian Artist Yuriy Kutikov
The unpredictibility that Life has
in store
can have one wishing that life was 
no more
When you bite down
sometimes you'll get bitter
sour emotions fill the room
and you begin to reconsider,
why life has to change
rapidly from week to week,
things suddenly brighten up
as life is now sweet
You now question authenticity
and if things are quite faulty,
but what life has now given you
is desrcibed as quite salty
The taste won't stay
and neither does the day,
what you taste in the present
will be gone out the way