Feelings, In the Low

The Lonely Night by Saami, Chittagong, Bangladesh
On the lower level of life,
I'd appear withour fear

The exposure from higher up,
leaves me hating here

I can seem so high,
yet be so low

disguising the truth
hiding you from lies

hiding you with lies
hiding me behind lies

In the low, consider me great
In the high, who am I?

My heart lies lifeless

Irish Art Blackboard In The Snow by Leo De Freyne

My heart lies lifeless

My soul unresponsive,

Days filled with shadows

Shadows consume my conscience

Disturbed by death

But am I really living?

How can someone so bland

Reveal how he’s really feeling

It’s all I lie

I try

And revive my abounding life

Hope comes in many shapes

ASKIM by Tommasini Ruggero
Where could you find hope....

In a world where hope is frowned upon..

If I gave you an idea,
would you use it to innovate?

If I gave you courage, 
would your fears diminish?

If I gave you strength,
would you overcome all obstacles?

If I gave you love,
would you pass it on?

If I gave you peace,
would you live tranquil? 

If I gave you ability, 
would you display it?

If I gave you hope,
in the form of these attributes,

what shape would you take?

We Continue Burning Ourselves, why tho

This abstract oil painting was created by Marina Petro, and is titled “Fire Storm”…

He kill him

she kill her,

just more pain to add

to the worlds pot, now stir

the man in blue

take a life or two

chaos follows, what to do?

Why we mad? when a life is gone

when daily,

we do the same wrong

Shots go up

and bodies go down

can’t be too hot,

when we burn each other down…..