Speak The Truth

KwangHO Shin Faceless Colorful Faceless Painting
Stop falsifying the truth. 
we need all honesty
wondering who's the king of separation
it's probably me
I complain of hate and destruction
of my own
but I hate the most of my own skin tone
The issue lies within
forget the public's eye
act a fool, throw a fit
when another dies
Perhaps I'm to blame
with my low pants
and high pain
my gold teeth
and gold chains
my animalistic thoughts
and no name
maybe I should change
If i treat my brother like a beast
how can I expect the police
to retreat
the conditions in which they are
molded into, makes them hate
people like me and you
but what's even worse
is the cold fact
that we hate each other
and turn to gats
one shot , two shot
the fight is on
the fight's begun
the fights within
might we win, 
Who needs the truth after all
when I can make one call
and talk about dudes flaws
the momentary glory
that tearing him down brings....
can sometime outweigh 
the most prominent things
that fact is...
we hate each other
but we made each other
value our souls
temple our bodies
change our minds


Would My Brother Support Me?

happy nappy
“Happy Nappy” Pinterest Picture
If I had no money 
Would you support me?
If I just had my dreams
and imagination
Would you support me?
If I needed guidance,
protection and advice
Would you support me?
If I told you I wanted more from life
Would you support me?
If I said things must change
Would you support me?
If I wanted to leave
Would you support me? 
If I fell down and couldn't get up
Would you support me?
If I had all the money in the world
Would you support me?
If I could buy you houses and cars
Would you support me?
If I knew the way out
Would you support me?
If I saw the way out
Would you support me?
If I was the way out
Would you support me?
You're my brother,
Would you support me?



No title

blank painting

He’s colorless

She’s colorfull

so full of life

she’s never dull

He’s weary of her

not because she’s a pain

but because her hairs

a different strain

It’s rocky and thick

not soft and slick

that girls just colorful

As he stares in amazement

she sings

with her face lit

Oh how can she be so colorful

now he’s made

cause she seems so glad

about the joy of life

and colors she had

too bad,

she’s a colorful women



morning cupof chocolate Faithpencilartist
“Morning cup of chocolate by Faithpencilartist

Dark Mornings

Bright Nights


I don’t mind strife

The morning darkness

resembles the black pity you give me

and the night brightness is the

glow of yours we can see

doubled edged

you are

with so much emotion

but all I see is your colors

that u stay evokin’

I’ve seen the green you

and at points yellow too,

but not knowing which you I’ll get

keeps me guessing who

You are the dark morning

spewing hate and mighty drab

but, your glowing nights

form a thing I wish I had

You’re transparent,

oh I envy you so much

but the balance between dark and light

has to be an awful touch

a heavy burden

an annoying monster

pulling between your two minds

but I still envy you

for your my cold wind that blows

my heart, and soon

comes my chimes


America’s Costume

take the mask off
reveal yourself
too many are unaware of the 
broken heart
and pain you've felt
Show the real you
America the jig is up
innocent dying
people lying
culture's hurtin
and you don't give no .....
What a world we live in
there really is no boundaries
accept for the one's placed 
on me
America you's a fraud
you lie
you hurt
you still
the pain it hurts for real
and you say you live off 
God's will
America somethins' not right
when I can't share love 
with my brother
cause I'm watching his plight
It's not equal
It's not fair
America, where's the love?


Black Boy by Odei Nyamekye
Black Boy by Odei Nyamekye
I'm colored....

So I wake and think
about my miniscule thoughts
and ambition that shrinks

I'm colored....

So only time will tell
if my life's worth living
or should I bask in a cell

I'm colored....

But what really makes me different?
my love of rap music
and black ink with my pigment

I'm colored....

So many colors you wouldn't even know
but the one that means least
actually shows

I'm colored....

Maybe I'll do something about it
plan to make a major change
and quit all the poutin' 

I'm colored....

Now i've made my mind up
i've got all God's gifts
to use
before my time's up



Clouds Over The Ventoux
Clouds Over The Ventoux
Your life is an empty canvas,
yearning to be painted on
Your dreams and visions
each filling the blank space
the disruptions and obstacles
tend to be smeared spots
your mistakes and imperfections
will show through the canvases body
Treat your canvas well, 
with love and delicacy
Take your time, 
but be abrupt
for the canvas will get filled
with ideas and goals,
and your time will be up
The canvas is yours
move it, angle it, adjust it
for your eyes know what's best
and your brush knows the fit
don't cram big ideas in small spots
or small ideas in big spots,
fuse together your dreams
and let the beauty of them fill your
canvas like clouds in the sky


What divides you?


The question remains,
what divides you?
what splits you in two?
what creates the separation
between yourself and you?
Think long and hard
let the thoughts pour in
finding our own difference
is like a loss in a win
you never quite understand it, 
it's hard to comprehend 
but searching for the divide
forces you to look within
don't always look on the outside
to find others' faults
search for your mistakes
and echoed thoughts
the thoughts you picked up along the way
the thoughts you thought you'd never throw away
the ideas generated that caused you to sway
it's you
stop blaming others
just take a mirror
reflect on its reflection 
and be direct with the direction
that your life's going
you're the divide