Feeling super bad
about the wrong that I done
the faces I've turned
the hearts that I've broken

I'm an idea,
a consequence
a reason
a disappointment
wrapped in one

moments turned to memories
moments turned to times
you gave me everything
thoughtful loving lines

Maybe I'm not the guy
people want me to be
the guy I pose to be
if this is love?
you shouldn't feel like me

I'm no cure
things get worse
lose me



Such a beautiful being
dynamic being
I'm sorry for all
This wall
that wall
throwing chairs
Apologies fill this room

I'm sorry
never enough
I couldn't give you what you needed
hurt feelings
made up
Apologies fill this room

Created life
ended one
thank you for you
Apologies fill this room

I didn't deserve your ideas
your truth
your being
your love
selfish I was
selfish I am
sun on one side
moon on the other
I'll always share a special place for you
Apologies fill this room


it almost feels surreal

but oh so normal

losing you, made things

great and terrible

contradiction, right?

but who cares

I’d contradict myself all day,

just to give more stares

into your eyez…..into your heart

pops. always my start