Some say

some say I’m distant

some say it’s for attention

I say , I’m ┬ámissing

Wrote this in my head

spit it out with Shame

mixed with courage

couriousity and pain

for you dad, I need it stamped

some would say, in damned



Too many thoughts
not enough space
crowded breathing
suffocating face
in this place.
I still feel you
death can't take you
I won't make do
can't replace you
this what the base do
I'll chase you
never hate you
recreate you
in my heart
construct you in my mind
find time
my spirit,
you've climbed
forever implanted 
you can't be gone
the struggle to let go

AlWayz FelT DiFferEnT

Easiest thing in this life to do,
is look in the mirror, and let u lie
to you
deep down you know
u feeling great
the outside won't let
those thoughts escape
Limited yourself for familiarity 
the truth behind you
is who you dare to be
scared of me
now I'm scared of you
alwayz felt different
what the hell to do....
so much conformity,
shit makes me sick
hope I change
hope is weak
alwayz felt different 
nobody feels the same?