Too many thoughts
not enough space
crowded breathing
suffocating face
in this place.
I still feel you
death can't take you
I won't make do
can't replace you
this what the base do
I'll chase you
never hate you
recreate you
in my heart
construct you in my mind
find time
my spirit,
you've climbed
forever implanted 
you can't be gone
the struggle to let go

four more days/ shed a tear

celephais by hp lovecraft by adam alonzi
celephais by hp lovecraft by adam alonzi

four days

more rain

diced with more pain

feelin like u

locked in a room

for the ladder part of life

did u deserve it?

was it GOD’S way of saying

u did wrong?

or did u catch a stone

that was meant to be


somewhere else

four more

long days

it’ll mark a year

since that dreadful day

my nine nineteen fourty seven man

I ain’t shed a tear

they’re invisible





The listener grew

out of no expectancy

the talker demanded

we know her legacy

blinded by her threats

that’s all we ought to see

the listener, listened

with best ability

the loud mouth loves

to limit when their close

the quiet listener

gracefully knows the most


Three Trees In Spring
Three Trees In Spring

Woke up

from a fake sleep

uncovered my eyes

gave myself life

air from nature

moisturizing my mind

irreplaceable like time

damn this kind

birds speaking joy

into me

trees growing

happiness evolving

use to think


was a game

now it’s a safe haven

nothing better than hearing

lyrics nature has put together

Like an unknown face

we meet

when I wake

I’m gripped by your friendliness

nature doesn’t give me less