Faith, Love, Trust, Must

Somehow you know,
that the bigger plan
involves prayer sessions
so u can understand
what he says

When he speaks
you paralyze in aw
thinking of your past mistakes
and how to withdraw

Your happiness is loud
sadness, quiet
the parallel mistakes
are one's you'll die with

The way we touch
on Sunday
isn't the same as a weekday
the lords lifted every fiber
in her body
and the words she say

keep me quiet
won't happen
I'm none to be contained
round and round
vile fights
damn, I love this game

Love is what we lean on
u know that's true
accept these words
as a letter
from me
to you

passion is what we grew from
every living moment
I'm excited, then delighted
wish it won't end

faith is what we have
believing in us
funny how God's plan
is living in trust

inside every letter
we found a sense of purpose
I'm here, for support
you know we're worth it

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