Without knowing who u were,

we found each other

your map just started,

my trip, I’ve been on

combination of the two,

experience and love,

breeds excitement and new beginnings

I love how we hug

Just watching you walk away, brings beauty itself

knowing I wish you wouldn’t go,

what u give me, nobody else


what I give you,

is my all

oh I love our kisses

biting each other slowly

as our tongues start clinching

Our lips meet

and I’m lost, no luck isn’t the feeling

I’m blessed with your love

u bring pain, but you’re healing

The sound of your voice

I can’t forget

the tenderness in which I touch you

when I know you’re with..


on the same page



our souls are tangled

they unwind

find time

to move at our angle

at the pace that we choose

take the time that you need

when you’re hungry

for love

your heart, I’ll feed

I sit in this rain

praying for kisses

and hugs

I’m paralyzed


I love making love

It’s something u have

not physical

it’s more

it’s how we make room

and open our own door

we’ll make the way

our journey just begun

I love when u the boss

Our love is still one

u won



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