Mondays, Tuesdays
Wednesdays, Thursdays
The days I accept

Each day with gratuity
love & respect
Mondays, a time for elect 
purposeful living
love for one another 
love keeps giving

Tuesday , the 2nd
day of the week
lost in her love
love so meek
accepted in fullness

Wednesday, time to embrace
hug her beauty
time for the chase
live for this day
to her, it's his day
middle of the week
the middle is where they meet

Thursday comes running
I'm walking, slowed by her presence
fly in like the sparrow
searching for their reverence
each thursday, gets all of me
not holding back anything

How joyful we get,
when it's friday we meet
time to get in
tight like nervous runs
I'd do anything 4 u
the 4 of us
the 4 we planned for
our future
so glad you came my way
my week with you, 
is complete
it's Friday.

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