no other way

No matter

how hard

how much

how deeply

I feel

nothing make up,

for a time this real

I did what I could

to impress you

to get security

and sureness,

that I was the one u into

boy was I wrong

singing the wrong song

u a liar

in the wrong one

its your loss,

someone who would never hurt

who loved your every trait

who never worked to,

mold u into something else

I wanted nobody else

your laugh


emotional ways

could leave me


in awe

I mean, stuck 4 days

I wish nothing more

then you stay the same

don’t wanna change your face,

dont wanna change your name

have the audacity ..

to say blatantly

I’m not what u like,

well good luck finding ,

another type

I loved u 4 u

no other way


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