Use To Be

I ain't got time
to be second
my worth is more
I'm done resting
never put first
always in last place
fighting against what?
I'm done with this damn race
I'm stepping out
I'm doing me
looking for appreciation
I know she want me
I just ignore it
but if I say what I wanna say,
I'm ignorant
I give you everything
I'm still last
I'm stepping out, real fast 
to another chick
u on some otha shit
the distance between us,
I can't cover it
I'm smotherin
not no more, 
I'm stepping out
this other door

she waiting 4 me,
I know she is
I'm done yaw
with this corny shit

Open the door girl, 
for a new thing
I'm ready huh,
here's ya new ring
back to the old days
back to my old ways
can't be this old slave
no way
what do I gotta do
to get u back
late night connections
can u handle that
can u handle that
can u handle that
dabble here and there
I wanna dabble back
it's u girl

you gave me mental stimulation
every single day
we came closer
we kept pushing away
the questions now popping up, 
what could have been
now I'm texting u
as a fucking friend
not gone fucking bend
to the form she wants
u accept me, for me
don't gotta flaunt

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