What you lose boy

Once was a believer
seems to be a pessimist
oh well

Once yearned to make a change
now he cares less
oh well

His walk, once so confident
now reeks of sleepless nights
decided he's not worth the love
guess he's stuck inside his plights

The search continues
for what he lost
so, the clues he now turns toward
his path, forgot

The days are short
his pain even longer
swift signs of no hope
his swag,calmer

less loud
are his dreams,
and purpose

he's worth it
he thinks he worthless
on the surface
it's gone

What's missing though
what could it be
you don't love yourself, or others
you're weary

HE searches on the outside
staring at his skin
issue is,
the answer is within

What's lost, we can't see
it's been clear from the start
young boy, it's gone
shit, it's his heart

“Sleepy Dog” by Rocxis Art

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