My Butterfly-She Changes

Sad was the day

when she shied away

unknowingly from him,

words he can’t say

is how he felt

Just when his confidence

was peaking

things changed,

and would never be the same

Desperate for that somebody

his thirst was in the air

once so good,

now so ordinary,

She doesn’t even care

His emotions now wonder

from room to room

looking for answers,

why she leaves so soon

why the distance exists

when it’s inches they sit,

he just doesn’t understand

He attempts to shake

the misery

and diminish his sadness

as he fakes smiles

and portrays he’s glad, shit

Stop the front

she keeps up her wall

some of him is hurt,

soon to be all

Maybe he’s too demanding

and that’s her reasoning

for falling back

into the arms of her own comfort

Is it his aggressive nature?

or complaints that drive you away,

he loves you

your his

he only wants you to stay

he gives his all,

you give half

and expect him to accept that shit

change your ways

be natural

he may check you off his list

My Butterfly

she changes

from cold to hot, so quick

the evolution, is beautiful

but the change makes me sick

her wings,

they match the color of each day

but the soon become,

the ideas of yesterday

never consistent

change back

“Butterfly Art” by My Honeys Place


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