The Power Of You

Find beauty in the day,

in each waking hour

for you’ll surely discover

your undying power


the naysayers

and critics, just

waiting for your demise

just look on their face

when they see your surprise….

your undying power


Waiting at each corner,

with stones of hate

and bricks of envy

worrying about your power,

when they themselves

have plenty


They love you when your down

and hate you when your up,

bitterness fills their soul

and they drink every cup


The good in knowing this,

comes from the simple truth,

that you’re so powerful

they have no choice but to worry about you


You’re looked at as a threat

a total difference maker,

so, plan accordingly

and shake off all the haters


I pray these words fill your mind

and your soul comes behind too,

the power you have, says do

what you put your mind too


Believe in your heart,

that it is truly possible

and watch how easily

you knock down obstacles


Stay focused on your goals,

let others  hate each hour

they’ll never be able to take away

your undying power


Twin Doors by Mary Ellen Mueller

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