SNOW wHiTe OppOrtunities

Thomas Adams “Feline Good”
Snow white as my skin,
on a Tuesday morning
The wind, thicker than
Ever wondered why, you
are who you are?
I fantasize about the other side
the other guys
their who's, what and why's
I opened my door this morning,
and to my amazement, I was scattered
all over the street
on top of cars
and trees
it's me, white 

Fuck this daydream..
I'm me, I'm proud to be
african american with tattoos
long as my ambition
Scatter melanin on everything I see
then it'll be me
I ain't white, I'm right..

I felt smaller than an ant tho,
during my trip through the city
fuck your pity

harsh reality
cold truths
it ain't equal me, equal you
it's limit him, bless you
opportunities I pray for
are one's you walk into
like intimacy waiting for you


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