Dancing With The Mirror


u think the fear

isn’t real

well guess what now

I’m telling you im scared, it’s behind my smile

Every morning that I wake

and see what God has made

I get more and more upset

because I feel like a mistake

Fish in pond by chinnatara

I see somebody else,

when I stare into the mirror

my feelings , far away

and my emptyness, so near

it’s clear, that I’ve ruined

all my blessings

I’ve been a quitter,

what’s next…

I constant keep the people guessing

dancing with myself,

cause I don’t need nobody else

I look into the mirror

and somebody else

I move left,

he moves right

the motions, nothing fancy

as it appears from the outside,

I’m just dancing..

dancing with my feelings

disregarding all the truth

why have feelings,

when they don’t get no use

I thought I loved my self,

but the mirror

proves something else

I hate me,

I’m sure it’s real

pretending to be happy

exhibiting joy

you ain’t no man

little boy,

open your eyes

subject yourself to the real



find your feel

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