The Right Guy

Clown is a painting by Leonid Afremov

Fighting the pressure,

that comes along with,,,

being the best

constantly asking

yourself, what’s next?

You’ve given so much,

just to get approval

you’ve been the wrong way twice,

you don’t want that, do you?

mixing what the others say

with a little

of what you want,

desperate for an answer

it’s the future that haunts

every decision you make,

you hear the ridicule

I guess I’m not that respected

the words I hear, so cruel

the weight of a feather

from an unimportant bird,

lies the strength within me,

compared to the

judgment to be heard

Nobody knows the true me

all they see are wax figures

composed by the hands of life artist

who want to make me sound bigger

By now you can see, that you is me

the person struggling with his


and identity

making the right decisions

makes the wrong guy

making the wrong decisions

takes me the wrong way

you ask……..

but why?

they’re the decisions they want,


to make me the right guy


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