The Day A MAN Was Born

Walter Jameson …9/19 is your day
On this 19th day
on the 9th month,
a MAN was born
who would prove to be tough
though his life
showed signs of 
trial and error,
he'd soon find peace
in his family and sharing
Dorothy we thank you,
for birthing this man
who fought for his health
and fought when he can
you carried this man,
until God said release him
let him take the world by storm
and find faults, then release them
What he did was much more, 
than just live a life
gave love unconditionally,
as he endured great strife
If I were to pass on,
into the afterlife,
on the day you were born
that would make me you, right?
A piece of you lives
inside of my hand,
as plain as can be,
you did what you can
you were a MAN,
I miss those little things
beef roast and pork chops
5th ave, wing dings
on this 19th day,
I can still feel you 
I see you in the stand
On this 19th day,
Grandma, you birthed a MAN

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