Brentnell Boy


Self portrait 1984 Jean Michel Basqiuat
“Self Portrait 1984” by Jean Michel Basquiat
The Brentnell Boy
whose dreams were bigger than his expectations
comes from a place of limitations
low standards and disappointments
he turned his motives
into motivation
his doubters to supporters

This boy was different
he stood out
and stayed in
while everyone played twins

He always visioned more
He watched his mom fight
and his dad suffer

The picture remains in his head
of the cries from dad's bedroom
and the emptiness in his wallet

Mom's inability to cope with change
proves to be the problem
anger on the inside
both good and bad, which side

The consequences of wanting more
he dealt with daily
his prosperous visions
often got him called crazy

Why envision success
when here you have mediocrity
the seasons are all the same
there is never a lot to see

What attracts those to Brentnell
he'll never know
but what attracts him to success
will forever show

His ambition
his dreams
his willingness to escape Brentnell 
to search for better things

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