What’s Best For Me

growth and evolution
Second guessing myself
Realizing There's More
I Second guess my motives
and who i'm even living for

I've been deceived
tricked to believe
they must have been true
maybe the lie was in me

What's best for me
is isolation
because just the thought of 
social interaction
sends negative vibrations

You and your purpose
can leave
run far...

It's my turn for freedom
It's my turn for painless nights
and joyous lights

It's best that I dream,
dreams of high importance
dreams of changing lives
dreams of happiness

We need separation
I became a dutiful person
for our existence

It was no longer for the excitement
just leave
run far...

You were an inspiration
now you're an interference
I was living through your lense

It's my turn
What's best for me
is that I chose 
to dream

and act upon them
never letting fear paralyze me

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