Speak The Truth

KwangHO Shin Faceless Colorful Faceless Painting
Stop falsifying the truth. 
we need all honesty
wondering who's the king of separation
it's probably me
I complain of hate and destruction
of my own
but I hate the most of my own skin tone
The issue lies within
forget the public's eye
act a fool, throw a fit
when another dies
Perhaps I'm to blame
with my low pants
and high pain
my gold teeth
and gold chains
my animalistic thoughts
and no name
maybe I should change
If i treat my brother like a beast
how can I expect the police
to retreat
the conditions in which they are
molded into, makes them hate
people like me and you
but what's even worse
is the cold fact
that we hate each other
and turn to gats
one shot , two shot
the fight is on
the fight's begun
the fights within
might we win, 
Who needs the truth after all
when I can make one call
and talk about dudes flaws
the momentary glory
that tearing him down brings....
can sometime outweigh 
the most prominent things
that fact is...
we hate each other
but we made each other
value our souls
temple our bodies
change our minds

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