morning cupof chocolate Faithpencilartist
“Morning cup of chocolate by Faithpencilartist

Dark Mornings

Bright Nights


I don’t mind strife

The morning darkness

resembles the black pity you give me

and the night brightness is the

glow of yours we can see

doubled edged

you are

with so much emotion

but all I see is your colors

that u stay evokin’

I’ve seen the green you

and at points yellow too,

but not knowing which you I’ll get

keeps me guessing who

You are the dark morning

spewing hate and mighty drab

but, your glowing nights

form a thing I wish I had

You’re transparent,

oh I envy you so much

but the balance between dark and light

has to be an awful touch

a heavy burden

an annoying monster

pulling between your two minds

but I still envy you

for your my cold wind that blows

my heart, and soon

comes my chimes


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