What’s wrong papa

Magic At Sunset Painting
Purple Cadillac
laid up in the driveway
your bodies in pain
and you knew that my mind ache
I walked into a house of thick air 
thin smoke screens
weed rolled
and slick hair
yes I'm good pop
everything is alright
Nate did you get taller?
No, i'm just tall right
Why don't you ride over to Hudson
get one for both of us
a man you sure everything's alright?
Nate , just speak up
How your pockets looking?
I'm okay for right now
well i'm throwin' 300 at you
when I get that 20 from Cal
What's on your mind?
nothing , i'm good
but what bothered me most
was the pain you withstood
I questioned God
why did it have to be you?
to be stricken with diseases
you had more than a few
some days I can't walk
some days I can't talk
but I love everyday
for your life, yes I pray
Love you forever Walt


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