Delilah Magnolias and Bird
“Magnolias and Bird” by Delilah
 The build up was rapid

 The Journey unhurried

 The feelings came quick

 And our peers came worried

 Why keep it a secret,

 When the spark is so strong,

 They find faults in our joy

 And merit in our wrong


 And comfort,

 Have both came on time

 Change the course of our actions

 Just to please the blind? 

 How can they see the truth

 Lying ahead, 

 They love to see our elation

 But it's happiness they dread




 It's a surprise what we could be

 You flew in from the unknown

 But I sure can't complain

 It's new to both of us,

 But things ain't the same

 Let's leave the majority,

 Escape all the madness

 the jealously is evident,

 No they can't have this

 Don't leave

 Your mystery makes me scream, stay
 Never saw you coming,





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