It's tough enough
to grasp the reality
You were the only one who,
could bring the man out of me
Pops why so soon
You had so much to give
but you gave all you could
in the eyes of a kid
A part of me is missing
what is there to do
Forever in my soul
and what's missing is you
I owe you everything
never had to question the love
beyond being beyond
you'd stay above
my emotions swing rapidly
all over the place
just the thought of your pain
brings tears down my face
you fought
you stayed strong
you fought
and stayed long
For twenty great years
you remained a protector
the legacy you left,
proved to be the connector
support beyond belief
is what you gave me,
you were a yes or no man
never a maybe
anything I asked
I knew you would try
you were a man of your word
never lived to get by
I promise you this 
when people hear the Jameson name,
they'll know why
Walter Thomas Jameson
I can't say goodbye

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