Solitary Boat on the sea by Horacio Cardozo
Solitary Boat On The Sea by Horacio Cardozo

You’re in grave danger

escape now,

don’t let the pain get you

escape now,

Suffering is coming

grief as well,

the coffins been placed

now where is the nail

I wonder about the hows and whys,

why can’t you see  it,

How don’t you feel it

That wall you keep up,

conceals your feelings

escape now,

don’t be trapped in

escape now,

redemption’s happening

you caused this,

now own up to your wrongdoing

you bring confusion

but i’m long pursuing

The walls are closing in,

oxygen decreasing

the air is thick,

you stay fleeting


break through,

we’re confined

but don’t escape mine

the mind is like a mine



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