The Wrong Way

Black Women by Seage
Seage, an artist from Toronto, Canada, has created this painting as a part of his “Black Women” series.
Just looking at you paralyzes me
Your eyes are enchanting, draw
me in with your smile
and I begin to love what I see
I stand up, but my words sit down
I want to get to know you
but i'm afraid you'll turn me down
The way you look at me
suggest you feel the same
but what if you think the opposite
and just want to keep me plain
Your beauty is undeniably obvious
but my feelings may not be so
your glow has my full attention
and I just don't want to let go
Can we be one?
or is that too much to ask
I walk slowly just to see you
then my words quickly dash
I can surrender to you
show you my weaknesses and strengths
explain my faults and misdoings 
and for you, i'll repent
The crowds you're around
make me wonder and I start to doubt
if you ever had me paralyzed
and if my minds taking me down the wrong route

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