She knows who she is…..

Empty Nest by Sean Taber
I never understood her
her actions brought me confusion and attraction at the same time
this was the first time I felt like I was losing control
My mind was captivated 
but I knew deep down inside we wouldn't work
I never understood why
other guys thought she was average 
to me she was beautiful in every way 
even the things she hated
I loved
I never understood her inconsistent feelings towards me
the inconsistency she displayed left me confused
I too became inconsistent
my self confidence couldn't stop fluctuating
I never understood her 
I've begged and begged but she just won't budge
is it me? 
her voice melodic like a symphony
I still believe we were meant to be
I never understood what the issue was
her smile so simple and laughter came gently
I never understood her
she left me so empty
who is she?


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